Camp Explore

Emotional Mindfulness and Productivity Habits for Teens and College Students

Spanning 8 days of 1.5 hour sessions, this program is designed to help individuals identify their innate strengths, learn to appreciate themselves, and discover meaning in their own unique aspirations.

Facilitators of the program are in-house facilitators at Camp Explore and qualified champions of Conscious Parenting and the 7 Habits of Highly Effective Families.

12-20 years old
Eight, 1.5-hours virtual sessions

TBA or scheduled

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Intentions of the Program

BE First, to DO More, and ENJOY Most!

Each of the eight sessions adheres to the Transformative System of the "See to Grow" (SOW) framework developed by Conscious Alchemy.

The most significant changes occur when we have a shift in the way we SEE, which influences how we feel, who we are, what we do, and how we grow.


Online pre-event orientation

  • Recalling our inborn super P.O.W.E.R. as human beings
  • The power of Pause and Transforming our Habits
  • The power of Vision & Purpose
  • The power of Discipline, Integrity, and Priority
  • The power of mutual win
  • The power of being understood
  • The power of collaboration & unity in diversity
  • The power of well-being

This program is part of your journey

Are you a leader at work or at home? Do you aspire to become a leader, manager, parent, entrepreneur, coach, or youth who is more mindful, conscious, connected, and effective? Do you need guidance in clarifying your unique purpose so that you can lead a more fulfilling, energetic, and prosperous life? Then Conscious Alchemy is the path for you!

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