Conscious Relationships: Freedom in Commitment

Conscious Relationships: Freedom in Commitment is based on the Conscious Parenting principles of Dr. Shefali Tsabary. Alchemized with other psychologists, therapists, wisdom teachers, authors, and coaches like Dr. Nicole Lepera, Dr. Gabor Mate, Dr. Daniel Siegel, Kate Northrop, Esther Perell, etc.

How you were raised and the relationship that you had with your primary caregivers is the blueprint of how you live out your subsequent relationships with others and, fundamentally, with yourself. Uncover our toxic patterns and build self-compassionate practices to create empathic relationships with others. This relationship with your inner child forms your triggers and the way you relate to others.

21+ years old
Eight, 120-minute virtual sessions


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Intentions of the Program

Conscious Relationships help peel back ego layers:

It helps to uncover the layers and barriers created by the ego under the pressure of growing up, allowing you to see, feel, and act authentically.

Rediscover your purest self:

Conscious Relationships allows you to rediscover your pure, non-judgmental child-like self, seeing the world with new eyes, enabling full acceptance of your strengths and weaknesses.

Compassion leads to understanding and love:

From a place of self-compassion, you can create space to understand, care, and unconditionally love others.

Gain insights to live your best life:

Conscious Relationships offers insights that help you break free from patterns, enabling you to live the life you truly want and deserve.


This program is part of your journey

Are you a leader at work or at home? Do you aspire to become a leader, manager, parent, entrepreneur, coach, or youth who is more mindful, conscious, connected, and effective? Do you need guidance in clarifying your unique purpose so that you can lead a more fulfilling, energetic, and prosperous life? Then Conscious Alchemy is the path for you!

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