Maximizing Your Team’s Power - A FUN-damental Team Building

Create new beginnings and energize your team to evolve and transform closer to personal and team purpose and goals. 

Maximize the team’s power means to leverage the strengths and skills of individual team members to create a high-performing team that is greater than the sum of its parts. This program involves creating an environment where team members are empowered to contribute their unique skills and perspectives and collaborate effectively to achieve shared goals.

Customizable, 3 hours to 2 days
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Customizable for Leaders, Managers, Supervisors, Rank & File
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Intentions of the Program

Clarity and Commitment Towards A Shared Purpose

For a team to have a shared understanding of its goals and how each team member’s skills and contributions fit into the larger picture. 

Listen and Be Heard

For a team to feel safe and comfortable in sharing their ideas and perspectives; to create open lines of communications and for conflicts to be addressed constructively

Strengths-based Perspective 

For a team to have a fresh perspective on what it means to work as a team and to have a better understanding and appreciation of their contributions and that change must come and start from within. 

Personal and Team Empowerment

For team members to feel motivated and engaged to choose interdependence when challenges and conflicts arise.  


  • Framework on 5 Interdependence Principles and Rules for Team Engagements 
  • Structured Learning Activities & Conversations - to get to know your team
  • Team Exercises - to build relationships

Choose from our available program themes or have your program customized:

  1. ARAW: Maximizing Your Team’s Power
  2. SWIFT:  

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Are you a leader at work or at home? Do you aspire to become a leader, manager, parent, entrepreneur, coach, or youth who is more mindful, conscious, connected, and effective? Do you need guidance in clarifying your unique purpose so that you can lead a more fulfilling, energetic, and prosperous life? Then Conscious Alchemy is the path for you!

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