From Conflict Resolution to Conflict Transformation

Conflict is a natural part of connection, but that doesn’t mean we can’t transform the experience. Through this program, participants will not only discover the sources and impacts of interpersonal and inter-organizational impacts of conflict, but learn the principles of conflict management and frameworks of effective conflict transformation.

Don’t avoid the inevitable. Transform it! Discover the sources, interpersonal and interorganizational impacts of conflict. Learn the principles of conflict management and frameworks of conflict transformation.

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Intentions of the Program


Increase self-awareness and uncover patterns and principles

Emotional Intelligence 

Allows participants to understand their own emotions and the emotions of others involved in a conflict. This understanding can help individuals identify the root cause of the conflict and find ways to address it effectively.

Active Awareness (Analysis) & Alchemize Solutions

Find creative solutions to the conflict that meet the needs of all parties involved in a constructive and collaborative manner.

Co-creative Communication

Listen actively and communicate effectively during conflicts. It enables individuals to pay attention to nonverbal cues and to respond to the other party's needs and concerns.

Evolution of Strategies & Solutions 

Develop new skills and knowledge that can be applied to conflict resolution and increasing effectiveness.


  • Mindfulness Activities
  • Case Studies and other practical exercises
  • Principles of Conflict Management
  • Strengths-based Tools and Flow Process
  • Conflict Resolution and P.E.A.C.E. Frameworks
  • Effective Communication Tools

This program is part of your journey

Are you a leader at work or at home? Do you aspire to become a leader, manager, parent, entrepreneur, coach, or youth who is more mindful, conscious, connected, and effective? Do you need guidance in clarifying your unique purpose so that you can lead a more fulfilling, energetic, and prosperous life? Then Conscious Alchemy is the path for you!

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