Conscious Parenting PH

Consciously Embodying Highly Effective Habits for Our Homes

The globally acclaimed program taken by Leaders in the Workplace is now available for Leaders at Home – for Parents!  

Discover and lead with 7 paradigm shifts, behaviors, languages, and tools we can learn to embody for our children so we can form healthier connections with them and they themselves will be able to co-regulate their emotions with us and together as a family live effective habits that spell harmony and fulfillment in our homes amidst challenges, chaos, and conflict.  

Parents 21+ years old and higher
Eight, 2-hr Online Recordings and Three, 60-minute Coaching sessions

Videos are accessible on demand for 2 weeks, to be completed within 3 months

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Intentions of the Program

From Challenges to Healthy Changes?

Parents will have guided modules to review & assess their personal habits that show that they are trustworthy and what changes they can make to become more effective.

From Chaos to Course Direction?

Parents will learn what are the habits that they can embody and lead with their children and why these are important.

From Conflict to Family Connection?

Parents and their children will co-create and co-design how to effectively live these habits grounded in principles and shared values as a family.


Recording guidelines:
  • Access to recording session will be emailed every 2 weeks.
  • Request for earlier release is allowed via email.
Program includes:
  • 3 one-on-one coaching sessions to be scheduled after day 1,  after day 5 and after day 8 learning sessions.
  • When you register to this course, you will also be invited to the Conscious Parenting Habits Community.

This program is part of your journey

Are you a leader at work or at home? Do you aspire to become a leader, manager, parent, entrepreneur, coach, or youth who is more mindful, conscious, connected, and effective? Do you need guidance in clarifying your unique purpose so that you can lead a more fulfilling, energetic, and prosperous life? Then Conscious Alchemy is the path for you!

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